Joelistics now available

Well, his voice is, anyway. We’ve just posted the set we recorded from the TZU’s frontman back in February of last year, our first gig at the Dan O’Connell. Joelistics is one of the very best at handling the transition from rapping to rhyming acapella, and was always a crowd favourite over the various gigs he did at Wordplay over the years. This one also has a hilarious auto-deconstructionist freestyle at the end, where he breaks down and explains what he’s doing in the middle of actually doing it.

Check it out here at February 2009.

April 09 available entire

Yo, the final set from the April 2009 gig has been upped – that is, the blistering set that Chicago slammer Nikki Patin delivered when she stopped by on the last leg of her Australia-NZ tour. It’s always good getting an entirely new voice up on stage, and the crowd loved this one. Hip-hop, slam, blues-diva singing and whispered confessional, this spot had it all.

Click April 2009 in the right-hand column, or listen to it here.

Prepare to be offended

Mr Crazy Elf’s set from April 2009 has  now been posted – look  only to the title of this post if you want to know what to expect. Breathe deep and go in bravely. Jellyfish!

Click April 2009 in the Podcasts column on the right.

April 2009 hits the web

The first set from our April 2009 gig is now available to listen and download. We’re talking Mr Alex Scott, one of the funnier gentlemen to grace Wordplay with his presence over the years. It also includes a contender for the greatest poem title ever: namely, ‘If It Can Be Fucked with Lasers, It Can Be Fixed with Lasers.’

The next three weeks will us upload sets from Meg Dunn (Aug 21), Crazy Elf (Aug 28), and Chicago slamstress Nikki Patin (Sep 7).

Find the goodness by clicking April 2009.

Doyle is live

Briohny Doyle’s set from May 2009 is newly-posted, so click on the May 2009 tab in the right-hand column to look that up. Over the next four weeks will come the four sets from the April 2009 gig, with Alex Scott, Meg Dunn, Crazy Elf and Chicago’s slam queen Nikki Patin to do things to your ears in a highly unusual way. Stay tuned.

New audio

The first recording from May 2009 went online today, with Ben Pobjie’s set now available. Ilzilla rapper 1/6 and the spoken word of Briohny Doyle will follow on the 28th of July and 7th of August respectively. Click the May 2009 tab to your right to listen.

Ready to roll!

Ladies and Gentlebergs,

It has been some months, but finally, at last, the new-look, fully-functional, non-broken Wordplay site is ready to roll. Here it is at your disposal. To your right you will find all the gig recordings that have been uploaded to date. More are to come, and we aim to bring you one set on a weekly basis. Video recordings are in the hands of our editor and will also with luck be available soon. Poems, photos, and life stories of our performers can be found in the Writers section. More writer profiles are in the works as well. Thus we hope that this site will be a constantly updated and expanding resource for your listening and reading pleasure.

Should you wish to subscribe to our RSS feed, then you will get updated automatically whenever new posts are made. Just click the little broadcast-wave button down in the bottom right corner (fourth from the right) and nominate your delivery method.

Comment fields are live on all pages and posts, so please feel free to let us know what you think of anything at else. Get some robust discussion started. Should you find anything that doesn’t work or needs improving, do let us know via comments or via the Contact page. Now it’s over to you to look around and explore.

Newly released podcasts include Zoë Barron and The Bedroom Philosopher from the September 2009 gig. To come include the ethereal whisperings of Tom Joyce (July 7th) and the hip-hop rhythms of The Tongue (July 14th). Not to mention Ben Pobjie (July 21st), 1/6 (July 28th), and Briohny Doyle (August 7th).

Go for it

Ok, every Podcast tab and mp3 link on this page is now functional. New mp3s will be being uploaded very soon, and we’ll resume weekly uploads. The site is for all intents and purposes ready to use. I just have another few tweaks to make before we officially relaunch it. But if you’re here early, well, fill your boots. It’s all ready to go.

Oh so close…

Hey peoples,

We’ve been working away like crazy little moles, myself and the erstwhile Frenchman M. Clemenceau, the two of us hunched over laptops on either side of a dining table trying to get this website up and ready. And it’s so close I can taste it. Just another couple of slabs of hours of repetitive mind-numbing work before it will be ready for you once more. And hell, even now at least three-quarters of the mp3s are functional, and some of the Writers pages are back up. So go to Podcasts, find some tracks to listen to or download, or have a read in the Writers section. I’ll holler like a stuck pig when the proper, final layers of prettiness and functionality have been added on.