March 2009

Wordplay #24 March 12 2009

Lee Kofman, Julez, Ben Ezra, Anita George

So it was another bumper crowd, with about 80 people in our new Dan O’Connell venue. Lee Kofman gave us poems about love, mother-fetishes, and good Israeli husbands, and Julez rocked out with a selection of acapella and on-beat raps (including the legendary Life and Death of Hip-hop). After the break, Ben Ezra proved just how close the hip-hop and poetry genres are with a truly blistering bracket, and Anita brought it home with a set of beautiful tunes that had the whole crowd hushed and listening intently.

Geoff Lemon
Ode to the Chandler Highway (John Ashton cover)
Endless Questers (for TZU)

Lee Kofman
First six poems
Every Woman Needs a Jewish Husband
Lovers in Melbourne
Wedding Ring
Book of Found Poems

Final five poems
Out of Your Flesh
Poets in Melbourne
Suggestions for a Girls’ School Curriculum
Even My Bad Marriage
This Is What I Remember as Love

Beef City
The Life and Death of Hip-Hop
Shopping Mall Blues
The Passion of the Julez
No Regrets

Ben Ezra
Diaspora Manifesto
Skeleton of a Postman
Pentridge Clock Tower, and Smith Street Urchins Call
Brink of War
Forty Four
Hobo Atlas

Anita George
Front Door
The Tempest
10 a.m.


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